Home & Residential Computer Repair Services

  • Home Computer Setup & Configuration – Our experienced team can help you purchase, install, and setup your brand new Windows PC, Apple Desktop, Android or iPad device.
  • Stream Media in Your Home – Let us configure your home media server so you can watch Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video right on your living room television.
  • Software installation – Don’t struggle with complicated setup options with new software.
  • Internet backup configuration – Our staff can recommend and configure cloud based backup.
  • Wireless network setup – Have a larger or older home? We can setup and customize a wireless network for your home no matter the size or age.
  • Virus and spyware removal – Get the FBI malware, root kit, or popup’s?  Our highly trained staff can remove most viruses without having to format your PC
  • Software training – Learning a new piece of software? Let our staff guide you through the fundamentals of Windows, MAC, MS Office, Quickbooks, etc.
  • Remote access configuration and support – Need access to your office or home on the go?  Ask us how to configure remote access to your PC or MAC
  • Computer repair – Getting a blue screen or sudden shut downs?  Hard drive bad or clicking? Give our office a call to schedule a visit.
  • Data Recovery – Our knowledgeable staff can attempt to recover a crashed or inaccessible hard drive.  In the instant the drive is damaged, we will refer the drive to a local recovery company.

Business & Commercial Computer Repair Services

  • PC/MAC and server setups and configurations – Need new PC’s or MAC?  Let us setup and configure your office for optimal performance.
  • Wired and wireless network setup – Our certified staff can hard wire your office and provide wireless access for laptops, phones and tablets.
  • Network configuration and optimization – Is your company network running slow?  File transfers and opening a file taking an excruciatingly long time? It may not be your PC.  Call us for a network test.
  • Backup support and configuration – We specialize in cloud based and more traditional disk based backups.
  • Remote monitoring and support – Our monitoring tools can predict a problem before they occur and if your staff runs into trouble we can remote into their computer and assist in minutes.
  • Patch management – Don’t know what Patch Tuesday is or the Maverick OS?  Let us handle you updates without disturbing your staff with reboots.
  • Consulting with third party vendors and suppliers – Our staff will interface with your third party vendors to make sure software upgrades go smoothly.
  • Firewall and switch setup – Let us make sure your first line of defense on the internet is updated and configured correctly.
  • Software training – Learning a new piece of software? Let our staff guide you through the fundamentals of Windows, MAC, MS Office, Quickbooks, etc.
  • Office technology relocation and moving – Upsizing, downsizing, or moving for more reasonable rent? Our experienced staff will project manage the technology part of your office move.  From planning to execution, we have moved all size companies.
  • Multimedia installations (TVs, Projectors, Articulating Mounts, etc.) – Need a flat screen TV in your conference room for web conferences or music in each of your exam rooms?  Have us evaluate and install the modern technology your company needs to meet its needs.
  • Website design and implementation – Our dedicated staff can give your company a complete, professional looking website that echoes the image of your business.  We can also help you develop an e-marketing plan and perfect your searchability in each of the major search engines and social networks.
  • Security cameras – Our experienced staff will determine which camera system would be best for your unique situation. We will come to your location to determine the best system based on some of the following factors: lighting, obstructions, angles and other variables.


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