Warning: If You Use Tape Backup, Your Business May Be At Risk

Warning: If You Use Tape Backup, Your Business May Be At Risk

If you use a tape backup or an external hard drive to protect your company’s critical data, you are actually putting yourself at enormous risk for downtime.

Tape backups, external hard drives, and other media-driven backup solutions are designed to do only one thing – backup the data itself. But what about all the other stuff on the computers you use every day to run your business, like e-mail, software programs, and the way the network is configured?

When your server goes down, and all you have is the data, you have to rebuild your entire infrastructure in order to get back up and running.

Depending upon what caused your server to go down in the first place (hardware failure, software corruption, fire, flood, theft) it could take a week or more to order new hardware, order new software, re-configure the network, and then re-load the data back on, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in downtime.

To prevent server downtime from affecting your business operations, you need to have a virtualization component to your backup solution. Virtualization means that another server can “take over” if your original equipment goes down.

It works by taking an exact picture of your current server – including data, software, and configuration – and allows you to get back up and running within 24 hours of major disasters or within 30 minutes of basic hardware or software failure. Having the right back-up solution can literally save your business.

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